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Swim Team Fundraisers

Team Fundraisers

The Malden YMCA Crocs are excited to begin the season with several unique fundraising events. All proceeds go toward team transportation, team apparel (last year, each team member received a personalized MAL Swimming towel), championship meets and the annual team banquet in the spring.

We encourage all team families to participate in our fundraising efforts, and/or volunteer their time to help organize and promote upcoming events.



- a start-up company that helps local restaurants partner with non-profit organizations to raise funds.

How it works: The Malden YMCA Crocs will choose a restaurant, and will be given a specific fundraising date. Team members, families and community members RSVP online for a dine-in or take-out meal on that date. That’s it! The more business we give to a specific restaurant, the more money they give back to us!

Thursday, November 1, 2018



- FunDrive partners with Savers to buy donated clothing and household items, and give a percentage of the profit back to the team.

How it works: The Malden YMCA Crocs will be collecting clothing and soft items (sheets, towels, etc.) throughout the months of November and December. All donated items will be brought to a local Savers warehouse, where they will be weighed for profit. The swim team will receive a percentage of the money raised, based on the total weight of the collected bags.

Collection Drop-off Deadline: 12.28.18


Swim Clinics

- The Malden YMCA Crocs coaches and Senior Swimmers will provide strength and conditioning, stroke technique and Starts and Turns clinics during vacation weeks.

How it works: Swim Team families will register through the YMCA, online or at the front desk, to participate in as many clinic sessions as they would like: $10-$15 per 45 minute session. Clinic info will be available shortly.


Home Meet Concession Stand:

- The Crocs have been very successful in raising money during our home meets. How it works: Families are asked to donate food and drink items to the concession stand, and a group of parents run the booth throughout the meet. The team will also have select team merchandise and practice swimsuits for sale during the meets.

First Dual Meet: 11.10.18

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